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About Us


Jason W Orlowski, C.P.B.D., founded Orlowski Design Company to provide the best service and expertise to the growing design & drafting needs of Central Texas and the Texas Hill Country for both new construction and renovations.  Orlowski Design Company uses a sophisticated BIM software platform to model and render each design to provide our clients with a more realistic sense of the design intent.  This allows our clients to virtually "walk through" their project prior to construction.

Services Offered

Schematic Design:

This is the initial design scheme that seeks to define the general scope and conceptual design of the project including scale and relationships between building components.  The schematic design may then be used in the preparation on the "working drawings" or construction documents.

Construction Documents:

 Also called "working drawings" are the final plans used to obtain project cost estimates, overall project bids and are later used in the construction of the project.

3D Renderings:

Three dimensional rendering ranging from simple to high quality.  We can present anything from simple technical renderings to near photo realalistic renderings of your design.   

*Pricing and availabitity are on a case by case basis.


Permit Packages:

Permit packages include the necessary components for project permitting when required.  This includes site plans, framing plans, ResCheck documentation, wind bracing plans, foundation plans, etc.  


*Pricing and availability are on a case by case basis  

*Some requirements may include engineering fees when applicable.

Site Consultation:

Orlowski Design Company can work with your contractor to ensure your project design is properly executed during construction.  With 11+ years of construction and project management experience we understand the construction environment and processes.  By "speaking the language" we can ensure your design is being properly interpreted and executed during critical construction phases.


*Pricing and availability are on a case by case basis.

Design & Services Fees 


Per Square Foot Pricing:

Most design fees are based on a cost per square foot of the total structure.  The total structure includes living spaces, porches, garages, foundation footprint, area under roof and other such defined spaces.  The price per square foot is determined by the scope of work and the complexity of the design. An estimate of the total structure and design fee will be presented at or following the initial design consultation. An initial consultation at the Orlowski Design office is complementary.  


Hourly Fees:

Some projects will be billed by the hour for both CAD time, and additional time required for meetings, site evaluations, existing condition assessments, etc.  Qualifying projects are determined on a case by case basis.    


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